It's Time to Bug Off with Papa Joe

Papa Joe's Tick-Be-Gone™ is an all-natural, GRAS topical solution for deterring ticks, mosquitoes, and other biting insects. Created by a magnanimous outdoorsman, Papa Joe, Tick-Be-Gone is a must have addition to any outdoor adventure.

To put it another way, Papa Joe's Tick-Be-Gone™ is a unique, long-acting non-greasy, topical product containing a safe tick and insect deterrent in a controlled release protective and moisturizing delivery system that provides up to 48 hours of on-going protection.

Ticks and other biting insects are vector carriers for a variety of diseases. This means they can transfer diseases between people (and animals) without being affected themselves. As a result, when left unchecked ticks can rapidly spread diseases within a community.

Having spent years exploring the outdoors, Papa Joe was determined to find a solution to this pestilence for both people and animals. Working with Trust Think Products and Timber Hills Lake Ranch, Papa Joe developed a treatment for domestic, wild, and livestock animals which is now sold worldwide.

After working with multiple research groups, Papa Joe is proud to announce his latest product. Papa Joe's Tick-Be-Gone™ offers the best tick resistance for Outdoorsmen, Ranchers, Farmers, Families and Natural Researchers.


So How Does It Work?

Papa Joe's Tick-Be-Gone™ is a topical lotion with a patented timed-release, all-natural insect deterrent that lasts all day!
Step 1: Apply the Lotion

Our product has been designed to be used on your entire body. Ticks and other biting insects are not deterred by your clothing, so it is important to cover your entire body.

Start with a small amount on your hands and apply to your head, neck, and shoulders. Now repeat the process for your torso, waist, legs, and arms. You may need assistance when applying it to your back. Be sure to coat your entire body in a thin layer in order to experience the full benefits.

Step 2: Hold Your Breath (Not Really)

To ensure that our product is safe for the majority of people we have decided to not include any artificial chemicals or skin-irritating fragrances in our formula.

As a result, you may notice a strong smell (some have delightfully compared it to garlic flavored BBQ Burnt Ends). However, thanks to our time-release technology, this odor will dissipate in about 20 minutes.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Tick-Free Adventure

You're all set, head outdoors and enjoy your adventure. Whether you're hunting, fishing, hiking, or just spending the day at the lake with your family, Papa Joe's Tick-Be-Gone has you covered.

What People Are Saying

Don't take our word for it, here's what our customers are saying

As a soldier in the National Guard and an avid outdoorsman, I have tried many products in attempts to repel ticks and other invasive insects. Some worked better than others, but Papa Joe’s Tick-Be-Gone™ stands above the rest. Since using the product, I have not experienced any tick bites, and I have noticed a significant decrease in mosquito and chigger activity. If you want a highly effective tick repellent, then you want Papa Joe’s Tick-Be-Gone™.

Jesse | Soldier & Avid Outdoorsman

My wife and I are building our dream cabin back in the woods on our property. The property is so secluded the deer love it too. As you may know, if you have deer, you have ticks. Having to remove ticks was taking the fun out of our project, so we decided to try Papa Joe’s Tick-Be-Gone™. WOW! What a difference! Now, we can enjoy working on our project in deer habitat without the annoying ticks on us!

Allen W. | Avid Outdoorsman

I work in the fields training hunting dogs everyday at K&L Kennels in Missouri. Our dogs gather ticks from the field and we have ticks on us on a daily basis. Since I started using Papa Joe's Tick-Be-Gone™ I have not had another tick bite. I do see them walk on me but they jump off quickly. I was amazed at how well it deterred ticks from biting. It also helped me with mosquito’s bites and chiggers.

Dominic B. | Professional Dog Trainer

I have been avid outdoorsman most of my life, whether it be; hunting, fishing, camping with my boys in the back-country or working with horses on our ranch. I have fought the long- unending battle with ticks through all of this....until now! I am always skeptical of any product that claims to repel ticks (and other insects)- but all I can say is WOW! After applying Papa Joe's Tick-Be-Gone™, you could watch the reaction of the ticks as they jumped on me and instantly wanted to get back off. Amazing!! The product's effectiveness along with the all natural ingredients makes this a winning solution for my family and I.

Ethan H. | Avid Outdoorsman & Rancher
I used PPJTBG on some chigger and tick bites and the itch went away. I was so relieved that I even slept well because the itch was gone. It really helped me. Now I use it when I am in the fields to avoid bites altogether.
Gary Regan | Avid Outdoorsman
I had some poison ivy on my ankles and for the heck of it I put some PPJTBG on the itch. It was amazing to me that the itch went away. I think it helped to make the poison ivy go away fast as well. This stuff works!!
Nick Bisogno | Avid Outdoorsman
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